Vianne Rose: Twenty-Two Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, February 21, 2014 10:01 AM

On February 8, sweet V turned 22 months old.  Her year of being one is slipping so quickly through our fingers - and yet, we're trying our best to soak up & savor as much of the cuteness as possible.

This was our first photo shoot at our new place, in the backyard.  Vianne loves the new house, loves having her own bedroom, loves the backyard where we do a lot of playing in her house, running, and "catching the ball".  She loves to color with Mama or Daddy and chooses our color for us and where on the page we should be applying that color.  She's added Doc McStuffins to her list of favorite shows, loves dancing ("I spinning!") when there's music on, loves playing her saxophone & with her trains, and helping Mama & Daddy with whatever we're doing.  She does a lot of work sitting at Daddy's desk ("I working!") which consists mainly of banging on the keyboard.  She also loves to "go to work" which consists of putting something - anything - resembling a purse or bag over her arm, giving us kisses and saying goodbye.  She usually returns within seconds, "I back!"

She's been counting to eleven lately, and singing the alphabet song with about 90% accuracy.  Never does either for the video camera, of course :-). 

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Rebekah Says:

Oh, she looks taller. :) Hope she and baby are treating mama well this week. Love you!

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