Amy & Vianne in Oregon (June/July 2012): Part 3

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, August 6, 2012 1:39 PM

Sunday morning: Dressed up for church!

 Bliss! (LOVE this picture!!)
Emily & girls had spent the night.

We went to Two Rivers Church, where I used to lead worship, to meet so many friends there!  But I was too busy talking & hugging & introducing Vianne, so I didn't get pictures of the big day.

On Sunday night, we had a big fun party to celebrate Grant and Miriam's birthdays jointly. I only got a few photos, but these are some of my favorites... 
With Aunt Vera
With Rachael.  This is especially precious because this blue outfit was Rachael's when she was a baby!
Vianne got to meet Great Aunt Carol and cousin Molly (below) for the first time!
On Monday, Rebekah was home from her summer travels and I - at long last - got to introduce her to Vianne.  As you can see, 'twas a joyous meeting!

Vianne was sporting this cute outfit (minus the polka dot onesie which had been "soiled" earlier in the day) from Great Aunt Pat.  It was so cute on her!
Morning snuggle time with Grandma G.
Mom & I went up to Jenny's for the day on Tuesday.  Here with Aunt Jenny, green sweater/pink dress buddies!

The kids are showing me their silly videos on the iPad.

Rachael took every chance to hold V that she could get - so sweet!
Wednesday marked the half-way point of our trip...and was also the 4th of July - Vianne's very first!  She got all dressed up for the occasion.  (The boots were Patrick's idea ;-D.)

The Storeys came to Canby...

...and we walked to the center of town for the annual General Canby Days festivities.  After a gray week, it was nice and sunny for the 4th!
Rolling into town...
First we met up with cousin Molly at the ginormous Lego store in town, which used to be the Blockbuster Video store...
 Then we met up with Rebekah & her family.  Miriam & Ava had a joyous reunion - they hadn't seen each other in weeks due to family vacations.
 We got some lunch (so many good options!) and sat in the park.
 Grandma love: Debby & Ian
 Me & V...via Rebekah
  Rebekah & Vianne dancing
A very precious moment: Rebekah's daughter holding my daughter
Then we headed to the annual picnic at Uncle Danny's (my dad's uncle) to meet some of the Gustafson clan.  Here's Vianne with cousin Beth (the eldest of my Gustafson cousins).
 Vianne, with Great Grandma again...and Great Great Aunt Emma (Grandma's sister)
 Time for some pants! :-)
 With Mama and her plate full of summer food!
 Great Grandma, Aunt Jenny with Vianne, Great Aunt Carol with cousin David

 And then (full day!) we went back to Grandma's house for the Canby fireworks, which can be viewed from the street in front of her house.  While waiting for it to get dark, Bea, Aunt Jenny, and Vianne are watching...
 ...Uncle Thom act like a duck!
 Aunt Vera with cousin David, Aunt Jenny with Vianne

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