Week Fifteen with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, August 21, 2012 1:19 PM

So, it turns out that a week by week retelling of a baby's life via blog is just too much for a Mama to keep up.  Or at least when that Mama & her husband are packing up the house, moving to another one, trying to unpack, and enduring California's hottest running two weeks in decades.  Which describes our last month of life.  It is finally starting to cool off a bit today and for the first time in days, we are looking hopefully at the prospect of staying home in the afternoons as opposed to fleeing the house (which has only air conditioning in the bedroom) and dragging Vianne from Starbucks to McDonald's to libraries to stores all over the area.

She's been such a trooper this last month, and often has a much better attitude in all this than her mother.  I thank God daily for such a sweet, good natured, resilient baby.

The house is still only about 75% unpacked, only about 25% organized. Fewer photos are being taken these days - and for a week or so most of them were being held hostage on a dead laptop (RIP my fun purple computer :-( ) until Patrick had time to be my hero and retrieve everything on my hard drive.

So, I'm considering the posts about our Oregon trip Weeks 12-14 and starting back up, in an attempt to catch up despite all the aforementioned drama.  Without further ado, I give you Week 15.

Having recently begun to wear her 3 month clothes, Week 15 was something of a fashion show, trying on a bunch of new cute outfits.
Little Monkey :-)

 Adorable outfit from cousin Sarah - I tried really hard, but couldn't get a smile!
Super cute! Cherry onesie & polka dot pants from Bonny Classen
Also the week where she started sucking on her hands almost constantly (as opposed to just when hungry - which made it hard to know when she was hungry!)

 Another onesie in the set from Bonny

 This hilarious shot is one of my very favorites of her yet.  This was moving day, when V & I were hanging out in the bedroom while Grandpa, Daddy & Uncle Jon moved all the stuff into a big truck.  Is she praying over their efforts...or plotting to take over the world?

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I love how you remember who all the outfits came from!

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