The Red Monkey Makes The Music

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, August 23, 2012 12:08 PM

Yesterday was another milestone in the Oden household. After over two months of owning & enjoying the wonders of her playmat, Vianne - much to her delight, as you'll see - discovered that the red monkey hanging from the center, when pulled or hit, makes the music & lights come on.

Trying simply to get some videographical evidence of her newfound hand-toy skills, I just happened to be recording. It was 95 or so in the house at the time so a) V is half-naked, and b) we're battling fan noise in the background.

This first video is long, but the big discovery comes at about 00:49, then the second round at about 2:00, with the closest thing she's come to a laugh so far.  This is of course a bit of silliness, but we're still fascinated at the process of discovery ;-).

Ten minutes later and she's still at it... :-)

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Redjen Says:

Her delight is SO infectious! Grinning like crazy over here. :)

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