Week Seventeen with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, August 29, 2012 9:16 PM

Week Seventeen, the first full week in the new house...
Vianne, lifting her head up so high!

Hangin' out in the turtle onesie made for her at my first baby shower
A fun diversion from the mounting heat, Vianne & I escaped to Anaheim to rendez-vous with Rebekah & family who were vacationing at Disneyland with the Hsieh extended family.  We enjoyed PF Chang's happy hour and everyone was still nice to Vianne even though she screamed through the whole thing.

 What's this?  A smile?  Must've enjoyed Ian's smooches.
Another fun diversion was meeting up with Andrea at Cheesecake Factory! 
This was a big developmental week - Vianne started using her hands to play with things!  Up to this point she would mostly aim to kick things with her feet on the playmat, and if her hands hit any toys, it was purely random and/or accidental.  But all of a sudden, she realized her hands were functional and started reaching for, spinning, and grabbing the animals. 

Love the crossed hands!
Watching the Olympics :-) (yes, we're horrible parents, she's looking at the TV)

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Marie Says:

Can't thank the Lord enough for this beautiful precious delightful adorable expressive bundle of cuteness from heaven - our Baby Vianne Rose!
(She even cries cute!)

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