Amy & Vianne in Oregon (June/July 2012): Part 2

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, July 31, 2012 10:18 PM

We enjoyed the use of Aunt Emily's Little Lamb baby chair while we were there; it provides a backdrop for many cute shots of Vianne on the trip! Here she is wearing one of cousin Miriam's outfits.

On Day 3 of the trip, we went garage sale-ing (sp?) with Aunt Vera & cousin David.  Here are the shoppers, ready to go, and looking so thrilled about what the morning holds...


Little David is such a smiley, happy guy!  He also loves pulling his socks off.

After our morning adventure, it was off to the Terwilligers' house for lunch & long-awaited introductions.  So fun!  Here's V with Jaime...
...with Derek...(after an 'accident' required an outfit change)
...and Jim...
...and Mel!
She fell asleep with her face smashed into Jaime's chest.  It was so cute & funny!

Back 'home' in the lamb chair.  At home in California, it's the black & white lamp that tickles her fancy.  At Grandma G's, it was the ceiling fan.  That's what provoking the various expressions in this series...

(Grandma merits a smile, too)

Then, after another wardrobe change, we were off to meet Uncle Chris - the only immediate family member left to meet!  He was very entertaining and composed an original tune for Vianne about her similarities to Fluffy from Harry Potter...

Miriam decided to take her turn at holding V.
The next day, we had took advantage of Oregon's wonderful bounty of berries and made strawberry & raspberry jam!

 David entertaining himself
 A few shots of V on the quilt in Grandma's guest room, since it matched her onesie (a gift from our friend Melissa).

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