Vianne Rose is 100 Days Old!

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, July 17, 2012 7:54 PM

Vianne has now been the cutest part of our lives for 100 whole days! We made it - contrary to the irrational beliefs of her Mama on many a day - and we are especially enjoying her cuteness, now that she (most nights) gives us 8 hours of sleep in a row, and she's entertaining us multiple times a day with her new-found conversational skills.

Turns out, she has much to say...on the running of the household, feeding & napping, her clothing, diaper changes, free time activities, and Daddy's dissertation...or, at least, those are our best guesses...

Here are her own thoughts on this, her hundredth day of life:

2 Response to "Vianne Rose is 100 Days Old!"

Marie Says:

"Ah, it has been a fun, happy, interesting adventure with my Mama and Daddy so far. I love them and watch them and have so much to say! And, I'm excited about our next 100 days!"

Redjen Says:

Ah, there's my chatty Vianne!! Thanks for the captions. You'll have to remind her to keep her hands away from her mouth so I can read her lips. :)

When we were living in California, I remember calling Dad & Mom up when Rachael would really get going with the babble-chatter.

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