European Adventure 2011 - Day Sixteen: Prague

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, May 23, 2011 7:12 PM

We hopped on yet another train on Monday morning to hit our third country of the trip.  Well,  unless we count Belgium, then it's the fourth.  And for 40 euros, we're counting Belgium.  Anyway, our fourth country: Czech Republic, to visit the acclaimed city of Prague.

The foremost reason for visiting Prague was to visit my friend Becky who has lived there for about a year.  We have been friends for ages, but we hadn't seen each other in at least three years, in which I got married and she had a son, and it was imperative that we meet each other's new family members.

We arrived early afternoon and after winning over Oscar Gus by demonstrating our peek-a-boo and dancing skills, we headed out to a park to get some fresh air & our first glimpses of the sprawling city.

That evening, Becky's husband Patrick met up with us for dinner at a place called Pivovarský Klub.  (He's blogged about this evening here: ) Below is the menu, which is about two pages of food and the rest is beers (note the thickness).

Patrick thoroughly enjoyed his Pivovar Valasek (a dark lager).  Not so much the beer drinker, I opted for this pear cider.  Which was AMAZING.  I must try to find it here in the States!
 Patrick got a plate of assorted meats...
 ...along with some bacon dumplings.  I had the goulash (also with the dumplings, seen in top left below) - so, so good!  Just great, hearty meals.  Good thing we were doing a lot of walking!
After that we made our way to the Prague Beer Museum...
 ...and had a sampling of ten different kinds, dark for Patrick, fruity for me.  It was here that I learned a valuable key to drinking that I had been missing all my life (thus not liking beer at all):  beer is not to be sipped like wine.  This, my friends, was revolutionary.
  Then we strolled down to the main plaza in the city center, for some gorgeous architecture!

 Don't feel bad if all you think is "Disney".  It happens to the best of us.
 In fact, Becky said that one of the Disney castles was designed with this one in mind...

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