European Adventure 2011 - Day Fifteen: Schkeuditz

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, May 22, 2011 4:43 PM

Two weeks from when we left the States, we enjoyed a relaxing Sunday with Mindy.  First we went to the service at her church, where they were having a combined service with a church from Leipzig.  We sang "We Raise Our Hands" together (just like the good ol' days), but this time with a German translation on the screen.   Mindy also sang a beautiful solo (hope to post a video once I figure out how to do that). 

Afterwards, in the back courtyard of the church, we enjoyed a potluck dinner comprised of sausages, potato & pasta salads - a complete list of my guilty pleasures.  In which I overindulged.

We so much enjoyed talking to Isabelle (below, in the blue scarf) who was fluent in English (the reason we could talk to her).  She was very kind to us & told us surprising stories about the East Germans take on the fall of communism.  She was 12 when the Berlin wall fell so it was fascinating to hear her perspectives on the before & after. 

We introverts then retreated back to Mindy's for a quiet afternoon/evening of Phase 10, Forbidden Island, and a lovely walk around Mindy's (very enviable) neighborhood.

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