European Adventure 2011 - Day Seven: More of Montauban

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, May 14, 2011 12:39 PM

On Saturday, we were thinking of getting up to go to the fabulous open air market, but we awoke to pouring rain.  Fortunately, this was the day that Aline had invited everyone to the house who could come to see me and meet Patrick, so we were staying in!  At noon, Pierrick (the eldest Maillard) and his wife Nathalie and their two beautiful children Siméon and Alicia came from Toulouse, and Yorick (the youngest son and fourth eldest) and his wife Ruth came from Bordeaux.  Arlette and Bernard, friends from the church joined us, as well as the new pastor, who’s been at the church since September.  We didn’t take nearly enough pictures, just a few snapshots…(I am truly kicking myself that we did not take more photos of these dear people!!  Clearly I was having too much fun with them.)

L to R: Soline, Jimmy, Siméon, Mathias, Sandratana (the new pastor), Nathalie
 L to R: Nathalie, Mathias, Guy, Siméon, Laurine, Séphora
 L to R: Bernard, Arlette, Méline, Jimmy, Mathias
 L to R: Alicia, Anneline, Mathias

After lunch, we had a singing time, for which I was ill-prepared, but still managed to play through a few of the songs we used to do in youth group.  Then Aline led us in some songs.

We enjoyed some more card games – Ligretto and another fun one called Dobble. During a break in the activities, Patrick & I took a refreshing stroll down to the small lake near their home (and yes, this whole day felt like an Austen novel).

Then we joined the gentlemen for Patrick’s first game of pétanque. He was a pro.

For the evening, we enjoyed another wonderful dinner – quiche! – and getting caught up on the lives of the Maillard siblings. It's so fun for me to see how my "youth" have grown - and into such very fine adults :-). I am so proud of them!

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