European Adventure 2011 - Day Thirteen: From West to East Germany

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, May 20, 2011 12:57 PM

And, on Friday morning, we were off once again!

This time we were headed to Leipzig, near to where my friend Mindy has been living for more than two years.  I hadn't seen her since just before Patrick & I got married, and she and Patrick hadn't yet met each it was very hard to sit still on the train :-).

She picked us up at the train station and, after overdue hugs, showed us the city of Leipzig.  

We first stopped at Nikolaikirche, the church where peaceful prayer demonstrations began, leading to the fall of the Communist rule in East Germany in 1989.

Read more here, if you like:

We explored more of the city, came across the market, and got a bite to eat.

Then we acted like dorks...

...and then we stopped by Thomaskirche, the church where Bach used to play.  You know, just your typical day. ;-)

As the sun began to set, Mindy introduced us to some spectacular views...

 The building on the left: we were soon to be on top of it, looking out over all of Leipzig!  Breathtaking!!

And then we made a special friend...

After a wonderful day, we headed back to Mindy's place in Schkeuditz, where she works and has an enviable apartment.

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