European Adventure 2011 - Day Seventeen: Prague Continued...

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, May 24, 2011 7:13 PM

The next day, Tuesday, we had another lovely stroll through the city with Becky & Oscar.

Ready for adventure!  Isn't he such a handsome little guy??

 We walked around Prague Castle & explored more of the city center.

These are the silly (but not meant to be) heads that the communist leaders (their own) imposed onto the face of the Castle cathedral...

Mosaic along the side of the cathedral...

My Adonis...:-)

 Patrick took a lot of pictures while Becky & I got caught up...
 Yes, that's a Michael Jackson puppet (top center)...

This is the wall next to the John Lennon Peace wall, where people attach locks to express their undying love for their significant others.
Others of us express our undying love, not by locks, but by making goofy faces.

Next, we made our way to the Charles Bridge...

I'm including the next special photo...just because it makes me laugh.  What about that guy?

When Oscar was nearing nap time, we headed back to the apartment.  Our afternoon was filled with deep conversations that we all relished.  That evening, the Greens had a prior commitment, so Patrick & I braved the city sans tour guide.  On their recommendation, we headed to a monastery brewery for dinner.  We had yet another incredible meal here.
 Inexpensive dark beer
 The appetizer recommended by the Greens:  four spreads.  Very tasty!!
 Patrick had the pork knuckle with mustard & horseradish...
 ...and I had the roast beef with cream &cranberry sauce, with dumplings.  Deeeeeelicious!

 And, as if we hadn't been gluttonous enough: waffle cakes with blueberry sauce.
The lookout point near the restaurant was recommended to us as a stop after dinner, which gives a fabulous view of the city.  When we got down there, we were alone with this peaceful, awe-inspring view.  

But wouldn't you know, not a minute later, we were invaded by a small tour group on Segways who felt several minutes of wacky, loud photo-taking was in order.  Which was just long enough for the large tour group from Spain, complete with the tour guide with microphone headset to show up.  (Darn tourists!  *shakes fist*) 

So, needless to say, we moved along quickly, to enjoy more of the city.

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