May 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, August 1, 2016 2:43 PM

I'm not yet ready to say that we've hit a new stride, but I feel like in May we met up frequently with a new stride that brought great promise for the days ahead.  That is to say, it feels like parenting two kids is a becoming a bit easier.  Maybe it's the more frequent 10 or 20 minutes when they entertain themselves and/or each other, and I can catch my breath or at least do some dishes.  Maybe it's the office corner we got set up for me in the playroom so that I can get back to a research project I've been working on-slash-putting off for over four years.  Maybe it's having been here for nine months now, we're finding some rhythm to our weeks, or that I've started caring a lot less about the house being a mess.  Or that we live in this incredible kid-friendly place and have found so many go-to locales for when we need to get out of the house.  Whatever it is, it feels good and hopeful and is giving me space to sort out my head a bit.  

There was a lot of beauty in our May.  A little weirdness, too, but that's to be expected.  Vianne decided all of a sudden that she only wanted to wear one dress anymore out of her entire wardrobe of clothes.  Apparently now, every single other item of clothing she owns is itchy. She also became obsessed with the show Transformers: Rescue Bots.  She would watch it all day, every day if we let her.  Oliver continued on in his all-too-quick-pace towards two, with the strong will to prove it. 

This is what I like to call "breakfast on the go"
The kids delighted in this springtime downpour

Oliver's happy place (oh, that face!)

Vianne has been wanting a kite for a long time so Daddy got her one for breezy May

(It's a little hard to tell but it's Elsa...)

We had a really fun visit from Grandma, Vera, David & Timothy.  Vianne got some gifts & was wearing/coloring them within minutes of them arriving.

Showed Fairy Tale Town to the cousins :-D

My crooked man in the crooked house

It was super hot while they were here so we tried to stay cool!

Oliver Antics

Patrick had been gone to Pasadena while the guests were here.  He returned bearing gifts!

If I ever get this research project done, this will be the photo I show anyone who asks how I did it with two kids around.  This is a big if at the moment.

There was also a very adorable revival of the Thor costume...

And the Od(e)n wig :)

Oliver was delighted to talk to his Granma on the phone
 My pretty little lady (wearing a new dress)...
 ...who's a bit sassy, too...
 Playground pals

Keeping cool on Memorial Day

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