June 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, August 9, 2016 10:28 AM

June, I am happy to report that you have become a bit of a foggy memory because I remember during you, all I could think was, what is up with this horrible month?  I also remember that first weekend, when all four of us were sick as dogs for two full days...and the second weekend when we somehow passed off the bug we thought we'd gotten rid of to Patrick's whole family.  You brought awareness to Oliver about how to climb out of his crib, effectively ending our sleeping-through-the-night for the time being.  You brought a lot of hot, hot days, which was fine until the a/c stopped working & the repairman basically told us we were idiots.  You stole all the momentum that May had brought and I just kind of wandered around you like a lost puppy.  Thankfully for you, these photos remind me that  you weren't all bad..

Oliver discovered a love, like his sister before him, for "finding books"
We were chomping at the bit for Memorial Day to get here so the spray parks would start up!  The kids were in heaven & we went to a different one almost daily.

There was the half-a-Costco-sized-bag of Krusteaz on the floor incident, thank you, Oliver.
One positive of the sick weekend was that it brought about something of a Sheriff Callie revival in our house.  Patrick bought Season 3 for our recliner-bound girl to watch, and little bro seemed to like it, too.

Grandma sent some summer toys, a spray ball...

Patrick's family's visit enabled us to go together sans kids to Fuller Sacramento's graduation.  It was fun to dress up & be an adult for a night :-).
I had a lovely time getting to know Kathleen while handing out programs.
My handsome theologian professor invocating.

The plan was to celebrate Father's Day a weekend early, but when our guests got sick, we ended up staying home for a bit of ice cream and exchanging gifts.

Vianne's dance teacher put on a special community dance class in the park one morning.

We love Mrs. April - she's wonderful!
We finally got some sand for the sand box (which has been on the to-do list since we moved up here)!  The kids (and Mama) have been happy for another diversion

Other ways we kept busy...

And the end of the month brought gifts in the mail from Granma for the upcoming holiday, much to the kids' delight (and to mine, since it meant June was finally over).
Does it get any better than the Statue of Liberty & the Eiffel Tower?

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