Oliver's Forty-Seventh Week

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, June 27, 2015 1:33 PM

This week, Oliver finally busted out his first tooth and oddly enough, it's his top left canine!  This explains a fair amount of grumpiness and clingy-ness in the last week.  He continues to make us think he's about to take his first steps, but has yet to do it (and frankly, this Mama ain't in any hurry).  He has recently earned two nicknames: Lizard Boy and Tinker Boy, the former because he loves to flick his tongue in and out, and the latter because he loves exploring the inner workings of any and every thing he can get his hands on, for example, the new diaper pail we got last week.

I confess, my mind's been a bit preoccupied lately and the camera hasn't seen much of the light of day of late...but three small glimpses in to Week 47...

The guys doing their near-nightly ritual of watering the lawn while Mama puts V to bed...
 Oliver loves when Mama lets him loose on the patio so he can explore the playhouse.  He loves to open the door and use it to step in and out (and look super cute in the process).


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