Oliver's Fortieth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, June 2, 2015 7:31 AM

Week 40 came with an introduction to cheese - and as you can see, he was delighted!

 Room for two in the sand box...
 I was sure he'd immediately eat a big fistful of sand, but he actually just sat there, staring like this for the first few minutes...

 ...then he started to play a little bit...
 ...and then at last came the inevitable eating. :-P
 I was trying out a new trick this week that I wish I thought of when he (and Vianne for that matter) was much smaller: naps in the laundry basket.  Because, let's be honest, we have at all times three full (of clean) laundry baskets sitting around waiting for me to fold & put away their contents - but, throw a blanket on top, and it's the perfect portable location for a light napper who quite often wakes up in the shoulder-to-bed transfer. 

 Oliver loves to sit on shoulders!  (Vianne always hated this...conveniently, now she loves it now that brother is doing something fun that she is not getting to do...)

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