Oliver Patrick: Ten Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, June 19, 2015 4:10 PM

The end of May & our sweet Oliver is 10 months old already!!  He still charms his family, friends, and complete strangers with his twinkling-eye smiles and kissable face.  His favorites are still clapping, raising his hands up to the sky, eating anything put in front of him, playing with his sister (definitely have entered the "Mom, he's in my stuff!!" phase of siblinghood), laughing, Mickey Mouse, the Hot Dog Dance song, flipping through books, exploring everything, crawling super fast and scaling along the furniture (we expect first steps any day!).  Though of course he is pre-verbal, he has very endearing non-verbal ways of expressing what he wants, whether he's hungry or wants a specific person, and is a very determined little fellow when it comes to getting it.  We love this little guy and his big brown eyes and all of his endearing antics.

 Like his sister before him, he's in touch with his pentecostal roots...
 Vianne who often opposes having her own picture taken has no qualms about getting in on the action if it's brother's turn...

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