Family Fun Day: Escape to Santa Barbara

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, August 30, 2013 1:57 PM

Some days, you have to run away from home.

On a day when it's 104 degrees at home, for example.

Especially when that 104 degree day coincides with a rare day off for your adjunct professor husband/daddy.

And if you're going to run away - and since it's one of your options - you probably want to end up in Santa Barbara.

At least we do.  It's one of our very favorite places to "end up", and since we'd never been with Vianne, we decided to end up there yesterday, and she loved it, too!

First we explored the beach, to the extreme delight of our water & sand lovin' baby girl...

 A little lunch before we get wet and (any more) sandy...
 If Go Go Squeez wants a spokesmodel, we'd be happy to talk.
 Watched the pelicans while we ate our picnic
 The view

  V's first sand castle

 She was very busy with her beach toys (birthday gifts from the Fialas)

I was going to change her into her swimsuit but she was headed to the water (with Daddy running behind) faster than we could grab her.  This girl is (terrifyingly) fearless in the water!!  She kept trying to go further in or purposely fall down into the water, and was even pushing Patrick's hands away so we had to keep a tight grip!  I'm still trying to erase the flashbacks of one ocean face-plant/full-body dunk while I was on watch...yikes!

 "Let's play in the sand for a bit so Mama's heart rate can go back down to normal!"

 This guy was stalking us

 "Mama, I got you something!  (It's kinda smelly!)"

 Then we headed to Stearns Wharf, where we got a closer look at a pelican.

 We sat for awhile & enjoyed the pier ambiance...
 ...while V entertained herself (okay, us too) by making silly faces.

And then before heading home, we enjoyed dinner at Moby Dick's, our favorite place on the wharf.  Patrick & I have eaten here every time we've been in Santa Barbara together - including before we were even officially a couple :-).  A bit surreal to now be eating here 4 1/2 years into marriage and with our 16 1/2 month old daughter!  Always great food and pleasant atmosphere.

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Marie Says:

I LOVE seeing the pictures of you three in Santa Barbara! Thank you! What a fun day you had!
What an adorable sweetheart we have!

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