Family Fun Day: La Verne & Irvine

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, August 25, 2013 8:12 PM

A Family Fun Day in Two Parts:

A low-key trip to check out the revamped Lordsburg Taphouse & Grill (formerly T. Phillips) in La Verne for lunch and air conditioning, and a shady plaza frolic afterwards on Friday...(didn't have the camera along, so snapped a few shots with my phone.)

Then Saturday, we made our way south to Irvine, where it was much cooler - to meet up with Granma, Grandpa, & Uncle Jon...stopped at the Fullerton Botanical Garden on the way down.  Watching the ducks...

 ...and the turtle...
 Found a banyan tree, which I'd heard of but (I don't think) had ever seen.
 Enjoyed some gorgeous flower varieties

 Daddy's Little Sweetheart :-)

 Delighted to find a walking stick
 An educational as well as aesthetic adventure...

 "They don't mind if I pick a few, right?"
 (She chose to stand right here.)

 "Mama won't mind if I get a little dirty..."

After we were plenty dirty and rather hot, we continued on to Irvine with a quick stop at Target to buy a skirt off the clearance rack since apparently I am still new at this motherhood gig and don't think to pack extra clothes.  We had a fun lunch with the family at Ruby's Diner and then explored the park a bit.
 Instead of feeding the ducks, she ate the food and gave them a lecture.

 "I'm not sure but I think Uncle Jon might be copying me..."
 Especially love this one...

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