Family Fun Days, continued...

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, August 9, 2013 7:49 PM

After many weeks away, and a growing need for fun and getting out of the house, we have made a valiant effort to reinstate our once-a-week "Family Fun Day".  A couple weeks ago it was as simple as lunch & picking up a new table & chairs for Vianne at IKEA (whilst of course coveting all the other things in the store).  She was eager to try out the new purchase when we got home.

A bit more adventurous this past week, we headed to Claremont's Rancho Santa Ana Botanical Garden to breathe in some nature, much needed by all three of us.  It was lovely and refreshing and at the end (because it's too great of a deal to pass up) we decided to buy the membership, which gets us into 250 gardens nationwide.  So we look forward to exploring many more gardens on many more Family Fun Days!  Vianne liked the garden most when she was not in the stroller...

 A little pause, love, and tenderness

 This Mighty Oak is the biggest one in the park.
 I couldn't help but think of "I am the vine, you are the branches" while snapping photos of hanging grapevines.  A little trite, but a needed encouragement in that moment.  A reminder to "remain in Me".
 Having a snack
 It was only a few more seconds 'til she tried to go in the water.
 We spied a nest...
 ...and some Joshua trees...
 ...which were our last stop for this visit, as Miss V was really tired by this point.  Our little non-napper slept all the way home!

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