August 2013

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, September 9, 2013 4:31 PM

A few glimpses of our August...

Patrick got an Elmo train from Amazon Vine so Vianne "helped" him put it together...:-)

August was largely spent eating popsicles, watermelon, and berries...and getting covered in their juices.
Picnic with the Losies: The Highchair Line-Up
A new adventure: Bike riding with Grandpa!  She was an instant fan!
This is the face she made (without any prompting) when she "met" Thor for the first time...

Mama's find-of-the-month: Alphabet mats for $5 at the thrift store

Vianne has taken to wearing the bowl on her head during bath time...

and also is now big enough to climb out by herself!
Reading her Bible story book with Daddy

Sporting her Galaxy jersey (a gift from Uncle Jon)

Over at Rachelle's house...Sweet Jesse
and Sweet Joel

"Honest, Mama, I wasn't biting him!" *halo appears*

She likes to give me & the boys concerts.
The green bucket got a lot of use as about 19 different things (seat for watching Elmo, container for her toys, pull toy, drum, etc.).

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