Week Twenty-Nine with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, November 5, 2012 3:27 PM

This week Vianne graduated from flipper to roller!  In addition to rolling, she's developed a long-form pushup tactic and discovered her knees (and is starting that pre-crawl rock-her-bum-back-and-forth-on-all-fours move), and all this means that this girl gets to where she wants to go.

She's also amusing herself (and us) with a new range of consonant/vowel combinations; at times, a "da da da", "ga ga ga", "ya ya ya" sound on rotation, and at other times, a blend of noises that sounds like an Eastern European tongue.

We tried out two new foods this week, apples (she didn't seem to love them) and oatmeal (which she couldn't get enough of).

On Thursday, I got her dressed & realized that, in her hoodie, jeans, & sneakers, she looked like a mini-teenager.  This is hard to take as a Mama, but I made the best of it by snapping a bunch of photos.  You will see she added a lot of smug & "Come on, Mom!" expressions to complete the look.

 Playing with her book from Granma & Grandpa (she loves this toy - it lights up & talks/sings to her!)
 On Saturday, we went to our friend Gracelyn's 1st birthday costume party!  Vianne was one of three ladybugs.  Sweet Gracelyn - the birthday girl - is to the right with her mama Jill.
 It was a gorgeous day for an outside party - something you could never do in Oregon for a late October birthday!!

One of the funniest things, in my opinion, that Vianne does these days is that every time she gets buckled into her car seat, she pats the buckle with her hand.  It makes me laugh because it reminds me of that beautiful subtlety of genius humor in Toy Story, when Buzz Lightyear climbs into the Pizza Planet truck and fastens his seat belt, then gives it a little pat.

(If you have no idea what I'm talking about, go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGc894z7IPg and watch at about 1:20.)

Often I hear her doing it from the back seat while we're driving, too, and it cracks me up every time.  So I got a little video of it :-).

We also enjoyed this moment, when her belly whacking turned into a move towards percussion. Looks like someone is practicing to be the tambourine player in Mama's worship band!

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Marie Says:

I'm smiling, laughing out loud, loving every picture and all of your commentary, Amy! I loved Toy Story and love your noting that Vianne pats her car seat buckle like Buzz Lightyear! I LOVE this Baby; and her Mama and Daddy!!!!!!!!

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