Week Thirty-One with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, November 14, 2012 2:23 PM

This week we introduced Vianne to our patriotic privilege: voting!  In California, we do it poolside!  (Next year, we're bringing our swimsuits.)

Back at home, enjoying the beautiful sunshine in our back yard
Then she did a little jig with Daddy...

She really needed to check her facebook...
Enjoying her crinkly Pooh Bear
Much to my delight, we started to get our "craft room" - which has been more like a storage room up 'til now - sorted out this week, which gave me some crafting space.  V happily played in her high chair & served as my crafting muse. :-)

While I crafted, she was just chattering away.  I was trying to covertly get some video of it, but then she not only noticed the camera but noticed for the first time that her piano toy had a rolling feature with balls inside.  So the video was still worth it for the smiles of delight at this discovery!

First off, I took several shots of her like this and the face was the same in every one (hilarious).  Secondly, about half way through the week, I sat her on the floor and realized that, in our excitement about her crawling developments the last couple of weeks, we failed to notice that Vianne can now sit up on her own very well.

I'm not sure there's anything I find cuter than babies in jeans...
...with a particular bias for this one.

We were responsible parents and got an entertainment center this week to keep all the electronics & cords out of reach (slightly visible at the top of the next photo).  It's also adorable (from IKEA) and was on sale, so everyone wins!

 Cute as a cupcake!

Also, our little cupcake turned seven months old this week!

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