Week Thirty with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, November 12, 2012 2:26 PM

I'm not going to lie, folks.  We love our daughter enough to fill infinite oceans to continual overflowing, but parenthood is not all sunshine & skipping through the park, and, I know, you are shocked to hear this.  All this confessed to say that we've been struggling the past many weeks to get Vianne to sleep, whether it be for a nap or during the night, and I confess this now because this was probably our worst week yet.  Vianne is a strong-willed señorita who has thoughts & feelings all her own...and what she thinks & feels about sleeping is that she does not like it, and especially not when it is not her idea to do so. 

And before you ask, "Have you tried...?", the answer is YES.  We've tried it all, every trick in the book(s), every recommendation from friends and family, every idea our sleep-deprived brains can muster, and we still are running on sleep fumes most of the time. 

Even still, the weekend seemed to bring some breakthroughs in techniques (we've had to let her cry it out more than we like to) and a renewed hope.  We don't (yet?) have the Healthy Sleep Habits; however, we do have the Happy Child.  Amazingly, sleep or no sleep, she is always delighted beyond comprehension when morning comes; she greets every day with smiles and squeals of glee - and, 99% of the time, remains a very happy camper throughout the day.

And so, we forge ahead, with cuteness as our saving grace.
Aside from sleep challenges, this week included Halloween, a new food, lots of play time, and many more advances in crawling development.
With her puppy from Granma & Grandpa

This is from when she pulled her puppy onto her belly and then rolled over and it stayed on her back...
...and a few minutes later, it was still on her back as she made her way across the playmat.

 I like to call this next one, with a nod to Lord of the Rings, "Pea Beard".  Vianne loved trying peas this week!
 Saturday morning cartoons with Daddy, namely Schoolhouse Rock!

"Daddy, you're the best!" :::heart melting:::
 Figuring out what these knees do...

The crawling developments, of course, are best demonstrated by video...so, I present, Vianne's Crawling Development, in four parts...
Part 1: Movement Via Long Form Pushup

Part 2: Forward Motion

Part 3: More Figuring It Out
Part Four: Straight Ahead!

2 Response to "Week Thirty with Vianne"

Emily Blair Says:

Nice one, Vianne! There's a name for that in breakdancing...the Worm? Sorry for the lack of sleep. Hope a rhythm breaks through soon that gets you guys more rest. I just have to keep reminding myself that one day, I'll be very very bored when my kids leave home.

Marie Says:

Oh Amy, thank you for these pictures and videos!!!
I treasure every glimpse of our Vianne Rose. To be honest, I have to curb the old villain JEALOUSY because Grandpa gets to see Vianne on Mondays...so this happy glimpse (sorta) makes up for my not getting to see her on Mondays too. I love this Baby so much! And I'm bursting with pride and thanksgiving for her wonderful parents! xxoo

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