Week Thirty-Two with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, November 30, 2012 6:58 PM

This week, Vianne tried out her Star Wars onesie, which was a gift from (of course, for those who know him) her Uncle Jon!

A bit of video of a Happiness Explosion later that day...

The Baby Brigade!  On Thursday we took a walk with Rachelle & the boys to get some lunch.  We were quite the sight around town. (Joel's on the left, Jesse on the right)
Silly cuteness!
Silly cuteness in motion! (Sorry, Jenny - couldn't get captions on this!)
This was her new body posture of the week!  She discovered that, from her belly, she could slightly roll to her side to achieve this adorable lounging pose.
On Saturday, Granma & Grandpa Oden kindly came over to watch Vianne so Patrick & I could go out to a movie & dinner!  She had a grand time playing with them - and I'm not entirely convinced she even noticed we were gone :-).
Our new game: Baby in a Basket!

Can you see her Mama's heartache in these big beautiful ocean eyes??

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Marie Says:

Oh what an amazing blessing this little Baby girl is...with her expressive eyes and wonderful smile and happy hands and wiggly toes. I love every minute I can spend with her; and praise the Maker of grand and adorable gifts for our Vianne Rose!

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