Week Twenty-Two with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, September 12, 2012 11:59 AM

Vianne experienced what it's like to be a second child this week; that is, to have very few pictures taken of her ;-). 

Apart from the occasion of her five monthiversary and the consequent beginning of eating "solids" (rice cereal), there is little to show for this week, which was exciting for Daddy, and for various reasons, stressful for Mama.

The iconic "I just tried my first rice cereal" shot - in her cute French bib from Anneline
 ...and the shortly thereafter "eating makes me sleepy" shot. 
(I can't get enough of her in these footie pajamas!)

But I did get this cute video of her showing off her New Skill O' The Week: Doing a 360 turn (and sometimes several in a row) on her playmat, using her legs, arms, and often her face :-).

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Marie Says:

Okay, so I just discovered this, AFTER an email to you, Amy! I'm sorry you've had a "stressful" week, and pray it ends on a better note...

I LOVE seeing you in action, Vianne, Baby girl, darling, sweetie-pie!

Thank you Amy for all the videos and pictures! You've done good!

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