Week Twenty-One with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, September 6, 2012 4:09 PM

It seems that most of our pictures these days are being taken on the playmat, which may seem boring & redundant to the viewers, but it means a lot for the residents of this home: that we are out playing in the living room, and no longer held captive in the bedroom by the heat.  Hallelujah!
Some sweet shots in the swing...

We've also been spending some time out in "Daddy's office" with the bouncy turtle/duck seat that Grandma G. sent us.  Vianne seems to really enjoy this change of scenery (and so does Mama!).

On Friday & Saturday, Vianne developed several new tricks.  She began intentionally "making raspberries", as they say, with her lips; figured out that her thumb could be sucked independently from her other fingers; found some new soprano octaves in her vocal range (not our favorite discovery); and flipped twice for Mama from front to back.

2 Response to "Week Twenty-One with Vianne"

Emily Blair Says:

Aw. I miss her. Glad to hear it's cooling down!

Marie Says:

Oh just when I think Vianne can't get any cuter,
she does! (What a grand and delightful and happy and wonderful gift from heaven you are, Baby Vianne! Granma loves you dearly! xxoo)

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