Week Twenty-Three with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, September 27, 2012 4:21 PM

Trying out her floor quilt given by a friend at church
Becoming very adept at pushing up on her arms & looking around
Trying out her onesie from Grandma Gustafson

Friday was stifling hot (yet again :/) so we escaped to APU with Daddy for the afternoon.  Here she is, enjoying Great Uncle Lynn's office floor.
On Sunday (at 23 weeks old), she sported her Nike duds from (my) cousins Shannon & John.  All she needed was a tennis racket - too cute!
We enjoyed a special lunch with the Losie family to celebrate a bunch of September birthdays, and the twins (my cousins' sons) Charlie (left) and Ethan (right) happened to be sporting some collars, too!  These photos may be exceeding the legal limits of cuteness...you've been forewarned!

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