Week Nineteen with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, September 1, 2012 10:31 AM

Week 19, Vianne continued to advance in the toy-grabbing/hand-utilising realms.  It's been fun to finally pull out her toys (all of which were gifts from family & friends) and see her start to use and enjoy them. 

A little video showcasing her skills.  Doesn't seem like much unless you're thinking about how a couple of weeks ago, her hands flailed randomly or lay by her side :-).

Another week of 100+ temps, we tried our best to play in the living room in the morning before holing up in the bedroom or escaping the house entirely. (So, the recurring schpiel about very few pictures...)

One such escape occurred on Saturday, when we met up with V's grandparents in Irvine and enjoyed milkshakes at Ruby's and a breezy afternoon in the park. 

When Mama & Daddy attempted to refold the kid shelter, hilarity ensued...
 "What are my crazy parents doing??!"

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Marie Says:

I LOVE seeing these pictures - because in spite of the heatwave and the Great Park encounter (HA), it was such a happy time with Vianne Rose, who is as good natured as a baby can be! I'm thinking the ducks felt a jolly sense of camaraderie, not that anxious to fly off and away (Hey, lets hang out with these folks for a while. They have a cute baby!)...and we all enjoyed the attempts to get that little shelter back into its nifty case. I'm smiling!

Marie Says:

And yes! Vianne not only has the cutest little dimpled hands in the world, she is speedily acquiring the skills for reaching, pulling, holding, pressing, feeling, playing! Watching her progress is a gift from heaven!!! She has VERY expressive hands!

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