Week Four with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, May 7, 2012 12:09 PM

Her fourth week of life begins with a rousing discussion with Daddy.  I can't remember exactly the topic, but I imagine it had something to do with how excited she was about what was happening on Wednesday...
...because on Wednesday, Aunt Jenny came to visit!  We had so much fun with her here and wish she could have stayed forever.  Vianne loved bonding with her and I loved having a veritable encyclopedia of Mommy knowledge right here for three days, as Jenny's raising four kids of her own, and four of the coolest kids on the planet at that.  It was also so fun to see my sister so smitten with my little girl!

While Aunt Jenny was here, we enjoyed another wonderful dinner, brought over by my Aunt Pat & Uncle Lynn, and this time were joined by my cousin Sarah & her husband Bill and their boys Jake & Sam.  Each of the boys took a turn at holding Vianne, which was so cute!  Sam had a lot of questions for me about how Vianne was eating, a bit of practice for me at answering shall-we-say delicate questions :-).

Then, the next day, my cousin Phil & his wife Lauren were out this way to visit their family, so we all took advantage of the opportunity to finally meet their handsome twins boys, who are a couple of weeks older than Vianne.  Regretfully don't have pictures of them, but did get this great one of cousin Sarah with Vianne.
Beautiful roses from Sarah & family
On the last night of Jenny's stay, we busted out Ticket To Ride (Europe Version).  Vianne helped Aunt Jenny make crucial decisions about where to place her trains.

Heading out to lunch at Walter's in Claremont (first time braving a restaurant with Vianne & it went well!) and then, sadly, to take Aunt Jenny to the airport.
On Sunday we were moping around, missing Aunt Jenny, so we didn't even get any pictures of Vianne on her 4 week birthday!  Fortunately, we have plenty of almost every other day of her life ;-).

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