Amy's First Mother's Day

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, May 17, 2012 12:35 PM

It was an unspeakable joy to celebrate my first Mother's Day as a mother this year!  Vianne is such a treasured gift and, as trite as this sounds, I can't find words to articulate how blessed I am that God has entrusted her to our care.  I love being her Mama and being with her all throughout the day soaking up all the cuteness, even when it means not sleeping as much as I'd prefer to or getting done all the things I used to be free to do or leaving the house less & with more equipment.  One look at her sweet face & any frustration or irritation melts away!

We celebrated all weekend and Patrick spoiled me like a queen!  On Saturday, we had a wonderful Italian lunch at Cafe Allegro in La Verne, CA, with the Odens, and then enjoyed some family time & gifts at Jon's place.

When we got home, Vianne indulged me in this photo shoot while she was still wearing this ridiculously cute dress.  I bought it as her coming-home-from-the-hospital dress, but she was so itty-bitty that it was way too big for, 5 weeks later, it served as her Mother's Day dress!  I thought this red & white chair made the perfect background and she amusingly obliged by sitting up in it, like a mini-adult.

 Patrick felt that such a grown-up posture merited a grown-up pastime...

On Sunday, we took Vianne to church for the first time and she did great through the service.  She got so much attention in the hallways from fellow churchgoers; so many people stopped to declare how tiny & cute & precious she is.  She also got to meet our pastors & some good friends, which was a great joy!

We thought about going out to eat after church, but since the rest of SoCal had the same idea, we opted for a relaxing day at home (the choice of introverts the world over).  There were two things I love that I had to deny myself while pregnant - pear cider and medium-rare steak - so Patrick surprised me with two kinds of pear cider, a beautiful card and a necklace.  Then he made the most incredible steak dinner for me - I was in heaven! The steak could not have been more delicious!  Patrick really set the bar high for his first Father's Day :-).
Patrick took some mother/daughter photos to commemorate the day.  These are some of my favorites, especially this first one, which shows off the necklace he gave me (it's a mother w/ child pendant with a diamond for Vianne's birth month, April).

3 Response to "Amy's First Mother's Day"

Michelle Says:

Just precious, Amy! Happy 1st Mother's Day!

Emily Blair Says:

I love these! Especially the close up of her looking right into your face. Yay, you're a mom!

Redjen Says:

LOVED the mom-daughter photo shoot...just beautiful. And way to go, Patrick, for creating such a memorable first Mother's Day! I think my favorite photo of them all is the first one in the red & white chair. I can hardly stand the cuteness!!!

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