Week Six with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, May 31, 2012 12:31 PM

We've been doing Tummy Time with Vianne to strengthen her neck, but she's had these incredibly strong little legs since birth (seriously, she almost pushed herself out of her first bath and gave the nurse quite a scare!) and so far, she'd rather work more on her legs than her neck.  She likes to push against the floor and try to scoot forward...and every once in awhile tries lifting her head.  Daddy & Uncle Jon are already planning her soccer career!

On Wednesday afternoons, Grandpa comes over after work to, let's be honest, see Vianne.  We all love it because Grandpa gets lots of cuteness, Vianne gets lots of lovin' and Mama & Daddy get a little break :-).  Don't let her (what we call) frump face fool you - she's thrilled!
Showing off those strong legs!

In her beautiful sweater knitted for her by our friend Amy!

Wearing pants for the first time :-)
"Mommy's Sweetheart" in her sweet outfit from Aunt Jenny
 More "Naked Time" :-)

Pretty in Pink - whether Mama likes it or not :-)
Cute little ruffle booty - an outfit from Grandma & Grandpa Oden

Vianne was all cute for a big outing to a baby shower for our friend Rachelle! Grandma, Grandpa, & Uncle Jon were all there, too.  Rachelle is expecting twin boys in August and we're so excited for Vianne to have some little buddies close by!

 Me & Rachelle

 Rachelle invited me to sing "We Raise Our Hands" for the shower, with her and Brian.  I was so honored, and thrilled that the song has meant so much to her.

Six weeks old on Sunday and Vianne's first time at our small group from church - with baby friends Ansley and Gracelyn, and their Mamas Melissa and Jill
With Gracelyn - isn't that so sweet how she reached over to touch Vianne's head??!  Too cute!!

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Marie Says:

I can't contain the joy happy laughter such "cuteness" inspires. This is the sweetest gift from heaven imaginable, Baby Vianne Rose!!

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