Week Three with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 30, 2012 12:51 PM

Me & my sweet girl - I'm usually taking the pictures, so I have to be intentional about getting in some of them, too!
In our third week with Vianne, we missed Grandma Gustafson's help.  This picture was their last night together, Grandma soaking up as much cuteness as she could.
A very common view from where I sit :-)

I like to take big series of shots while I'm at it, because then at least a few are guaranteed to turn out.  (Thank God for digital cameras, right?)  One such series...
19 Days Old

I'm SO thankful she's a snuggler!  I've always prayed for affectionate babies :-).
Tiny fingers

20 Days Old

Three weeks old!

Sleepy Duo

2 Response to "Week Three with Vianne"

Redjen Says:

I just love her. Can't wait to see you when you come this summer.

Emily Blair Says:

I can't believe how many newborn smiles you have captured!

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