Week Two with Vianne

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, April 26, 2012 11:52 AM

Vianne's second week of life was especially special because Grandma Gustafson came down from Oregon to meet her and help us out around the house.  Grandma & Vianne enjoyed lots of time together, especially in the mornings, when I got some relief from nigh-sleepless nights.  It was so lovely to have her here with us & we wish she was not so far away.  She  was a tremendous help with Vianne (and with the new parents) and did tons of helpful cleaning and cooked us many wonderful meals, some of my favorites, and left our freezer filled for after she left.  We're still enjoying lasagna and make-ahead mashed potatoes :-) !

From day one, Vianne did a lot of those dreamy sleep-smiles and I did my best to catch some in pictures.  I know they're (supposedly) "accidental", but they still look so sweet.  I got this priceless series, which was so darn cute that I used the first one below on her birth announcements.

On Grandma's lap, checking her out

Meeting her Great Aunt Pat and Great Uncle Lynn (my aunt & uncle) - they came over to visit and brought a wonderful dinner!
Meeting our friends the Grover family, who also kindly brought dinner!

Grandma brought with her some adorable French clothes that Aunt Vera & Uncle Geoff got for Vianne and of course I was thrilled!  This sweet little onesie was tiny enough to fit our petite fille. (It says, Que le spectacle commence!, that is, Let the show begin!)
Our little thinker
Making Daddy smile
We declared Saturday "Grandparents Day" to celebrate having them together.  Vianne is so blessed to have such godly, loving people as her Grandmas & Grandpa!
Sleeping Cutie

Our sweet little cupcake at two weeks old!

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