Easter 2017

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, May 13, 2017 8:00 PM

On Saturday morning, we did our traditional backyard Easter egg hunt (which turned out especially well because it was sunny that day and raining on Sunday). 

 The exciting discovery of the loot inside

 A bit later in the day, we colored eggs, which looks happy in the photos but kind of stresses this Mama out, as Oliver reaches in with his hand to grab the egg...
 Vianne, however, is getting quite capable at this.
 She enjoyed leaving them in extra-long and it turned out as some really fun, bright colors!
 Grandma sent a box of fun treats our way, Peeps included. Vianne was thrilled, as she loves them.
 They were new to Oliver, though. "What is it?" he asks.
"It's like a marshmallow with sugar on it," I reply.
 One little taste and with this face, he responds, "I don't like sugar."  
Ha! Definitely not for everybody.
 Mama's not so proud of her hurried work trying to keep up the homemade vest/dress tradition, but we'll skip over the self-deprecating comments and onto the pictures in which I tried to make it look like they turned out okay...
Oliver is still in the "let's make photo taking difficult" phase.

 Vianne, however, much to my delight, is entering into a "beautiful natural-looking smile" phase.

 I helped with worship at church which made the morning a little crazy, but Patrick excelled at getting the kids dressed up and to church and everything.  
We had some fun presents from Granma & Grampa to open in the afternoon.

 About a half hour after opening her ballerina set, Vianne had all of her dolls in the whole house set up to watch as the audience (too cute) and I don't think I've ever seen Oliver play with one toy as long as he played with his cool Paw Patrol truck that afternoon.
We also had a fun evening, with our friends the Weiss family and the Murray family from church joining us for a ham (butt) dinner, of which sadly, I took no pictures.  Except this. 😄

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