March 2017

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, May 13, 2017 6:50 PM

Backyard cuties

Matching pants!
Spring began to spring...I had major tree envy (this is our neighbor's)
Oliver decided to give the climbing wall a try.
 It's not so much climbing as hanging when placed, 
but it's a great start!

The picture below demonstrates one of my funniest parenting moments thus far. Vianne and I had been playing a game of war with the deck of cards on the left.  Sometimes the games drag on so long that we leave off for a few hours or a few days, leaving our piles as is on the table, intending to come back to them. This particular game, we did come back to the next day, and in the interim, Vianne had happened upon a piece of scrapbooking paper that resembled the design on the back of the playing cards.  So - sneaky, hilarious little thing that she is - she decided to make two additional cards - two twos (the lowest card in the game, of course), which she then snuck into MY pile so that I would have worse cards to play with. Oh my gosh, two months later and I still laugh about this.
Peeking down the train path at the airport, waiting for someone special...
It's Grampa!
While Grampa was in town to occupy Oliver, Vianne & I had a very special Mama/Daughter outing, her first time ever at a movie theater, to see Beauty and the Beast.  We got the biggest popcorn and had a grand time!  Vianne was thoroughly enchanted with the movie and the whole experience!
Chess with Grampa
Both kids love riding on the Wee-hoo bike!
A few days later, the last week of March, we had some more special visitors 
who were on Spring Break - Aunt Jenny & Miriam!
Showing our park & all its wonders to Miriam

Blowing "wishes"

We had a fun outing to Old Town Sacramento...

A little lunch along the river

Love this one!!
Stop for Tillamook ice cream before heading home!

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