December 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, March 18, 2017 9:56 AM

December 1st and the countdown of chocolate has begun...

As per usual, December was largely spent getting ready for Christmas. We made the hard-for-an-Oregonian decision to go with a fake tree this year. Since we are away for Christmas every other year, but don't want to disappoint the kids with no tree, we figured this was our best option.  And watching the kids' excitement over the tree confirmed it.

Some of our new ornaments for this year

Took advantage of a sunny afternoon to grab some fresh air down at Natomas Regional Park...

Grampa sent some new sleeping bags!
Making some Christmas cards
We got to celebrate V&O's friend Addi's 3rd birthday with her!

Vianne the aspiring baker was thrilled for gingerbread making day.

She had her very own baking show going on across the table from me.
The annual brigade
We did some sugar cookie trees this year, too.
Vianne once again excelled in her role as Cinnamon Imperial Placer.

And she took up a new role: Sprinkle Shaker. (also, Sprinkle Sampler :-D )
And on a colder day, Anna & Olaf needed some hot chocolate!


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