Family Christmas 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Saturday, March 18, 2017 5:21 PM

On December 18th, we celebrated what we first were calling "Fake Christmas" and eventually settled on calling "Family Christmas" (which wasn't that much better, considering all our Christmas festivities involved family)...but this was the faux Christmas Day for the four of us before heading to Oregon a few days later.

Tried to get a faux Night Before Christmas shot.  This was the best of the bunch, sigh.
The next morning, Vianne got up at the crack of dawn like a real Christmas Day and had to rouse her little brother. He didn't mind.

Plundering the stocking loot...

...and then off to the presents!

A very special gift for Mama from Vianne. She had gone shopping with Daddy & picked it out all by herself! A pair of sparkly purple earrings that I will always treasure :-).
Also, a stunning Huguenot cross from Patrick.

Daddy/Patrick got presents, too!

Everybody tried on some of their new stuff...

We were up way before the sun (you might've noticed the previous photos were pretty dark), but once it came up, we found a bona fide frosty morning outside, a lovely & rare surprise!

We had a highly caloric breakfast...
...and what we called a Buffet of Small Delights for our late lunch.

A fun, sweet, and relaxing day!

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