Vianne's Fourth Birthday ~ "Surprise Day"

Posted by Amy O. , Tuesday, April 12, 2016 10:30 AM

We told Vianne we wanted to take her somewhere special for her birthday this year and kept tantalizing her with this forthcoming "surprise day". A few days before her birthday, we took her to a very fun place we've been hearing about since we moved up here, Fairytale Town!  She didn't entirely know what to expect upon arriving, but was pretty sure it was going to be great from the fun Humpty Dumpty entrance!

 King Arthur's round table
 Mary's (not so) Little Lamb(s)
 Everyone loved the Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe slide!

 I think the tractor at Old McDonald's Farm may have been Oliver's favorite part...

 Vianne would later say that the Owl House slide was her favorite thing!

 Brave girl!  It's a high climb...
 ...and a steep chute down!
 This is Charlotte...
 ...and another very steep slide out of the barn.

 Cinderella's pumpkin carriage

 Three Little Pigs
 The brick house, still standing
 Three Billy Goats Gruff

 The Cheese (that) Stands Alone
 The Little Engine That Could
 The Hare...

 ...and The Tortoise

 Cutest Bathroom Ever!
 Checking out the koi in the Japanese Garden

 Down the rabbit hole!

Oliver was so worn out by this point, he settled for riding the pole instead of the horses :-)

 Lunch at the Dish & Spoon Cafe
 After enjoying all the fun playthings, we headed home for presents...

 ...and (thanks to Raley's, free!) cupcakes & lovely Moonstruck ladybug truffles 
in honor of our little lady.
 As any 20 month old would be, Oliver was very upset about a pile of presents that weren't for him...but sweet Vianne welcomed him to join in the unwrapping.  It was a beautiful moment.
 New picture Bible - like the one Daddy grew up with!
 Vianne's been particularly into Batman of late...

Sheriff Callie toys from Oliver
 Thank you hug :-)
 She also opened her gifts from Grandma Gustafson...
  She loved her ballerina card!
 Little Anna & Elsa
 Sleigh with Sven

 "Sven, meet Cinderella..."
 ...and a new Anna dress, all to her great delight!

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