February 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, April 3, 2016 6:14 PM

Since we spent the first half of February mostly in Oregon, we begin here at Valentine's Day weekend, with a visit from Grampa & Granma.  Vianne really wanted to make chocolate chip cookies for them & so we did - and here Grampa & Oliver enjoy them together.  (The kids spent all of this month sick with colds...and poor Oliver got what we think was Hand, Foot, & Mouth - our first bout with it.  If you look close in the pictures, you can see the spots all over his skin :-(.)

A little treat for Valentine's Day - Mickey & Minnie Pez!

Vianne got to go on a very special outing with Granma & Grampa to the nearby Sleep Train Arena to see Frozen on Ice!  Here they are on their way to the car.  Oliver in his pajamas spent a leisurely morning at home with Mama & Daddy 'til we wandered out in search of some Love Potion #31.

The next day Patrick & I went out to celebrate our anniversary belatedly...and Grampa & Granma did an excellent job wearing out the kids. :-)

Enjoying the backyard on a nice day

A lot of too-big shoe wearing these days
Name writing practice
Rainy day activity...I think this is just flour in a roasting pan...
 A bunch of Oliver cuteness...

We had a very special visit from my longtime friend Judie who I got to know my first year out of college, when I lived in San Jose and worked at the group home.  We met at church and she kindly offered me her spare bedroom to stay in on my days off - a lifesaver!  Her son lives in Sacramento and she was visiting - such a pleasure to introduce her to not only my husband but my two children (since she knew me in my single days)!
Lots of tea parties!
Oliver started to get very into this...he demands "Tea!"..and doesn't even seem to mind that he always gets the plastic cup & saucer

Frequent visits from the fireman - lots of fires in February, I guess!

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