March 2016

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 11, 2016 10:00 PM

Spring in Sacramento couldn't be more idyllic, we are discovering to our delight. The occasional rainy day is balanced out by mild-but-sunny stretches that make possible lots of walks & trip to the park.  Flowers & trees are blooming everywhere!

Field of wildflowers in front of "our friendly fire station" - as Vianne calls it
Picnic at the park

Vianne calls these "Christmas Trees" because they look like they have snowballs all over them :-)
Hard to see...but we did name-writing practice outside with chalk

Writing names devolved into writing on brother...and eating the chalk...

More tea parties!

Oliver likes to hug Vianne whenever she's sitting on the floor

Blonde curls & blue eyes.  I am terrified for her teenage years.
Little man - FINALLY well enough to go to church after weeks - sporting his Christmas gift from Grandma Gustafson
Oliver developed this hilarious "smile for the camera" cheesy grin...I just kept snapping!

Patrick had a conference in San Dimas so we made a whirlwind trip down south. He flew down Friday while I drove down with the kids in torrential rains (not fun).  We stayed at the Losies' house and the kids & I played with Rachelle & the boys while Patrick was busy.  Silly kids under the table at Round Table...

...which gave Oliver a chance to steal their pizza :-)

The next day we celebrated Granma's birthday with a meal at Bardot & ice cream cake!

Back in Sacramento, I took the kids to this fabulous park just a ten minute drive from our house.  Will definitely be going back here often!

The sky's the limit, son!
Daddy taught Vianne about the wonders of Elmer's glue on your we now have a lot of photos like this..."I can't look normal because I'm peeling glue off my hand".
The Sunday before Easter our church hosted an Easter egg hunt in the park.  
Vianne was very excited!

I thought Oliver might get mad that he couldn't join in, but he actually just stood back watching like, "These people are nuts!"
All the loot!

He was happy to partake in the candy part, though.

Another of those glue hand pictures...O's face cracks me up...
A lot of this lately (Oliver being pushed in the doll stroller)...
Fireman Oliver on a break

She's getting better all the time!
Family picnic in the field across from our house on a gorgeous day

I'm not sure what's happening here...but it makes me laugh!  Sibling album cover?

These two.
And we finished out March by introducing Oliver to fingerpainting...

...or being fingerpainted, as the case may be.

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