October 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Sunday, November 22, 2015 6:52 PM

Just when we were feeling like we were starting to get our feet back underneath us after the move, this month pulled the rug out from under me, with the news of my best friend's cancer diagnosis.  (On Christ the Solid Rock I stand, but I confess, my legs are still wobbling...) So unpacking the final stretch of boxes moved to the bottom of the list and prayer took its rightful place at the top, right above emotional processing and trying to find some way of being helpful.  

And as hard as it is to carry on with the demands of the mundane when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and plead to God to take this cup from your friend & her family, I continue to thank God for my kids, who compel me to keep on going; their sweet faces and mostly-innocent antics give my heart the joy to persevere.  Again, thankful for the snapshots that remind me of this...

 Finished up a sewing project for V's bedroom

 With some coaxing, she once in awhile finally lets me put barrettes in her hair.  But it's all or nothing with this girl.  She either refuses or wants 16 at once.
 We tried out Five Guys for the first time.  Have heard it raved about for years...were skeptical...
now: big fans.
 Daddy snuggles!
 These two!
 Class of 2036 or so, perhaps?
 Grandma came to see our Sacramento life for the first time.  Oliver stared at her from the stroller for about 10 minutes, but then wanted out to give her this big hug :-D.

 We went to a local pumpkin patch for a bit of fall fun.

 Searching for the perfect pumpkin (for Cinderella's carriage perhaps?)

 One for each of us!

Grandma brought some pumpkin accessories

We also took Grandma to downtown Sacramento (our first jaunt down there, too).  Pretty cool place and eager to return, now that we know more what to expect.  We knew it was an Old West neighborhood but were thinking just a street or two so Vianne dressed up in her Sheriff Callie garb...but it's actually 28 acres so it warrants several more visits.

We walked across the gold bridge and proceeded down the river walk on the other side...

Vianne was already wiped out from the walking!  (This was so unusual for her and took A LOT of coaxing to get her up from this position.  She finally marched up to me and said angrily, "You think after all this, you could give me a little rest!"  I was like, Who is this girl and what has she done with my daughter?)

At the pumpkin patch, Grandma had purchased some popcorn on the cob so we tried it out!
It was delicious!  Tasted so good, without adding any salt or butter!
Oliver's obsessed with the kitchen cabinets... (sigh)
...and his big sister likes to go shopping from them.  Needless to say, we regularly find a lot of canned goods and utensils in the weirdest places these days.

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