Oliver Patrick: Fifteen Months Old

Posted by Amy O. , Thursday, November 12, 2015 12:13 PM

The last day of October meant another month of life for our sweet boy!  He learned a lot in his fifteenth month:  he started saying saying "Da!" for Daddy and signing it, too, and "Daw!" for dog, a couple weeks later followed by "Ma!" for Mama.  He also started waving goodbye.  He continues to explore and figure out toys and household items and is quite adept at fine motor skills.  He loves the freedom of walking and it's getting harder to keep him happy in a cart or stroller these days.

He loves to do whatever his big sister is doing, but also likes to sit and play alone, especially if he finds a good book to look at.  He continues to love emptying all the drawers and cabinets and shelves he can find (sigh!) and loves his riding and pushing toys.  

He's regressed a bit in his sleeping through the night, but traveling + teething + a touch of sickness will do that to a guy.  He's wearing size 4 diapers and size 5 shoes and though he's still finding 18 mos clothes a little baggy and long, he's outgrowing the sleeves of a lot of his 12 mos shirts. 

 This is his "I see a dog or cat over there" face.  He is very wary of animals.

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