Thanksgiving 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, January 8, 2016 2:06 PM

We had a lovely first-Thanksgiving-in-Sacramento.  Patrick's family drove up from SoCal to join us in celebrating.  I'm still not stellar at remembering to take pictures while also hostessing so my collection of snapshots are odd here-and-theres.

While Patrick and I got the food & table ready, the kids entertained Granma, Grampa, & Uncle Jon...


 Collecting leaves for some last minute decorations - and a gorgeous day, you can see!

 Not his first Thanksgiving, but O's first Thanksgiving dinner!  He loved it all!
 A proper little lady, learning to cut with fork & knife

 The best of several tries to all smile at once...
 Oliver finally succumbed to a nap - on the couch
 Time for dessert!

 Some fun gifts from Granma & Grampa

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Marie Says:

Thank you Amy, for all your work, baking, cooking...the meal was wonderful, scrumptious, gorgeous! All of the Holiday decorations, so lovely. We had such a memorable time! I loved every minute. Thank you, love, mamao

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