Oliver's Thirty-Fifth Week

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, April 10, 2015 6:57 PM

This week, our little man joined the world of the omnivores: he had his first meat ~ and loved it!  I'd say turkey/chicken may easily be his favorite food yet...all boy, this one! :-) 

 Looking longingly out the window at sister playing in the backyard

 The Guys :-P
 These two are awful cute when they're playing!
 "I like to pull up on things!"
 "What's that, Mama? I'm a rock star?"

 The I Love You Suck (still no teeth!!)
 Rockin' out
 One of his favorite things to do is shake the baby gate.  Amuses him to no end!
 (We had a 95 degree end of March, btw, hence the nakedness)

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