March 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Monday, April 6, 2015 7:56 PM

Our last full month with a two-year-old Vianne!  It started off very exciting with a police chase along the 210 (that passes right by our house - seriously, you could throw a rock and hit it).  Patrick got a photo of the TV (ha!) that shows our roof (that white square in the upper right) and the moving truck bandit escaping up to the left...

 Vianne's playhouse got a new visitor

 And our fruit trees got some blossoms!

Vianne got no less silly...
 ...and after an impromptu lesson on who the Statue of Liberty is, she began imitating her regularly (and identifying her every time she appeared anywhere).
New springtime outfit from Granma!
We finally found the water colors from Aunt Emily that I'd misplaced in the move last year...
I'd say a good 60% of the month was spent imagining she was Sheriff Callie (that makes me Deputy Peck and Patrick Toby and Oliver's usually a bandit).  This girl takes her Sheriff Callie imagining very seriously and it takes a huge effort to get her to step out of character once she's in it, and Heaven help you if you try to call her Vianne.  She also likes to declare things like "Sheriff Callie doesn't take naps!" and "Sheriff Callie doesn't get time-outs!" when she is being subjected to such things.  Nearly every morning there is a rodeo in which she & "Sparky" do  barrel racing and a few bandits to round up in our backyard.

We celebrated Mom Oden's birthday at Bardot in Claremont...

...then came back to our place for dessert.  Little man, all dressed up :-).

She spends most of her days either playing with her buddy next door Luke, or asking to play with him (from 7am on...).  They are too cute and I'm thankful for the gift of a neighbor friend!
Mama sewed like mad to get the Easter outfits done in time!  Vianne was most curious about the sewing machine/pins/fabric/scissors and wanted to help with it all.
Diamonds ain't this girl's best friend :-D
She got a new outfit from our friend Valerie but was too hopped up on Easter candy from the church party to let Mama have a normal picture of it...

And the last day of the month, I was taking pics of Oliver for his 8 monthiversary, and big sister felt she needed to be photographed, too.  Sure, now she'll let me take her picture!

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