Easter 2015

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, April 15, 2015 6:38 PM

We love Easter around our house!  Such a special time to think about Jesus' life, death, and resurrection and also the birth of Vianne Rose early on an Easter morning.  I decided to make Oliver a little vest since I was continuing the tradition of making Vianne's dress.  It was fun to create both (although a bit complicated with a baby, and a toddler wanting to "help" with everything...).

 Vianne picked out the cute fabric!

I was happy to have them done a whole week early so that I could focus on things like cleaning the house and buying ham.  We got a fun package in the mail from Mom G./Grandma Gustafson, including this dancing bunny & chick...
 We started off the weekend by spontaneously buying a new table (which we've needed for years, and especially since we've been hosting Easter & Thanksgiving) that was perfect and on sale at IKEA.  Vianne helped Daddy put it together!

 Saturday morning we had our "annual" (this is the second time) backyard Easter egg hunt (Oliver should be able to join in next year!)...

 Love how this one came out with a halo...she is a little angel after all!
 Checking out what's inside these eggs
 as Daddy & Little Brother look on
 Hmmm...these don't taste as good as I would've thought...
 Next, we colored some eggs, too - Vianne's first time!  She was very into this!
 Drawing some designs
 Oliver finds this whole process very amusing

 The finished eggs!
 Then on Sunday morning, we got all dressed up for church...our handsome little guy...
 ...and our sweet Easter baby-girl

 She actually kept the bow in for the entirety of our outing - an Easter miracle :-)!

 Back home for lunch with the Odens...some snapshots while the ham was cooking :-)

 Vianne got a chocolate bunny appetizer
 Pile on Grandpa!

 Our new table all decorated - so much room!!

 Some fun Easter Pez from Uncle Jon
 Trying her first colored egg
 After lunch, some gifts from Granma

A happy celebration & a relaxing afternoon together!

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