January 3, 2015: Our Sixth Anniversary

Posted by Amy O. , Friday, January 23, 2015 7:25 PM

We celebrated six years of marriage this January!  With a 5 month old nursing baby back at Mom's house, it was a lower-key celebration this year, but still fun, and nice to get out for a few hours sans kiddos.  First, we started out with a wintry, moderate hike from Lower MacLeay Park in NW Portland to fill our lungs & souls with fresh Oregon air.

The trail led to Pittock Mansion, but after walking for 45 min or so, we realized that we wanted to have some time for other things and decided to turn around before making it there.  Just as we made this decision, we were at the Pittock Bird Sanctuary, with a raven for Patrick...

...and this gal, Ruby (for me?).
Next stop: McMenamin's Tavern & Pool on 23rd, for a little reminiscing (and the second stamp in my passport!).  You see, this was the first McMenamin's that I ever took Patrick to, way back when we were trying to see if 'this' was 'something' or not.  Turns out it was :-D.

As always, great food & drinks, and we went for the Marionberry cobbler for dessert!
Still happy together!

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