Christmas In Oregon ~ 2014: Fun With The Gustafsons & Friends (Part One)

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, January 21, 2015 4:53 PM

Upon our arrival, Vianne & Oliver got to see their dear cousins Bea & Margot (whom Grandma had taken off Emily's sick hands) right away!  We also crashed the Lincoln/Hsieh "Christmas Eve" gathering (sadly, the only time we could see them) and had our second Christmas morning of the season (the real one this time).

 A new puzzle for V & a new hat for O!
 Meeting Christy for the first time!
 Bedtime for the excited cousins

So at this point in the journey is where the picture quality leaps up several notches.  Before we left for Oregon, we ordered a new camera with Christmas gift money and had it delivered to Mom's so it was waiting for us when we got there.  It is a very cool camera!  Evidence: a spit up action shot.  I know.  Gross.  But kind of awesome, right?
Spit up aftermath (and this is in low light...)
 Okay, on to more appropriate things: Christmas morning, take two!
 We were very glad Mom/Grandma put up a Christmas tree since we didn't have one this year.  
Merry First Christmas, sweet Oliver!

 A yummy breakfast
 and few surprises under the tree

Then we had to get packed up to go the beach but I still insisted on a few shots in their Christmas outfits.  Vianne accessorized her Christmas dress with her rain boots...
 ...and Oliver was obviously thrilled with the photo idea.
 Fortunately, he recovers quickly.  I mean, really, can Christmas get any cuter?

 "Excuse me, Mama, we're having a moment here..."
 Christmas Morning Secrets :-D
Who needs sugar cookies?  These two bring all the sweetness to Christmas!  (Didn't stop me from eating approximately 40, though... ;-) )

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