Thanksgiving 2014

Posted by Amy O. , Wednesday, December 17, 2014 4:48 PM

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year - our third in a row - and it was a really fun day!  After some shameless begging on my part, I finally got Vianne to let me use her library craft as a front door decoration...
 Then, with the Cutest Cook's Helper in the land, we set about to get the big meal ready.
 Got our aprons!  (Patrick gave me this one the night before :-D )

 Patrick did his turkey lifting/cleaning/arranging duties.  This year we got a 25 pounder!

 And while it cooked, I added a few bits of decor...

 The family arrived early to help occupy the kiddos while the food was being prepared.
 Oliver kindly took a 2 hour nap for the morning which gave Mama lots of time to get things done.  Then Granma helped keep him company.
  The kids got dressed just before our other guests arrived to attempt to preserve the outfits from all the thing they get into/spill/spit up.  And V had the extra layer of apron protection...
Our little turkey!  Oliver's first Thanksgiving!

 Our friends the Burns family joined us for the second year in a row.  The girls came in & joined the floor coloring party.
 We underestimated the time the turkey would take (sigh...last year it was done 2 hrs early!  This year, 2 hrs late.  So next year, right on time...right?)  So the girls played & played & on their own had no problem coming up with creative diversions.

 Finally the turkey was done and the carving began!
 The thankful bunch
 And many wonderful desserts to finish off a great meal!
 Granma & Grandpa brought gifts...

On Saturday after Thanksgiving, we headed up the mountain to Granma & Grandpa's house.  This was Oliver's first trip up there.  It was a lovely, cool day with fall colors that I'd missed (nearly non-existent in San Dimas).  The kids wore their nice new outfits from Granma, and looked adorable...

 We attempted a few family shots but couldn't get everyone looking normal & at the camera at once :-).

 We had lunch in town at the resort, came back and took a little walk, and then just hung out, enjoying the view & aroma & quiet of the forest... well as some desserts!
 I love this picture!  This girlie loves her ice cream!
And thus, we concluded our Thanksgiving celebrations, and were happily set on our way toward Christmas!

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Marie Says:

A VERY happy Thanksgiving!

Marie Says:

A delicious fun memorable Thanksgiving! And the turkey was the best ever! A scrumptious meal, a scrumptious day!

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